Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Innovation: Flexing wing trailing edge

Jaro Muller, the weel known manufacturer of the Ellipse family is currently experimenting a new technology of flexing trailing edges replacing the traditional control surface with hinges. A first video has been released. We cannot see well in details, but it seems to work.

Does it use a kind of Fish Bone Active Camber Morphing Concept (…) ?
No idea.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Vagabond XL update

And as we are in the updates, I maidened the Vagabond XL yesterday afternoon. Being alone on the slope I couldn't do any pictures despite the weather was OK and the scenery great. So, instead, I used a tripod, my Gopro and my Lumix FZ1000 to film my maiden flight.

Update on the Swift from Hacker Model

I apology for being late on my reviews. I have maiden the Swift first this summer. A gentle glider, capable of aerobatics, with a great presence in the air. To wait the complete review, here are the pictures of the maiden flight session. We had lot of fun, despite it was a bit too breezy for the Swift.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A nice pod for the mobius cam

Thomas Delarbre created this nice 3D printed Mobius pod with the objective to tape it at a wing tip or at the middle of the fuselage and provide nice view angle video. The overall weight including the cam is about 60g. The cam can be secured with a strap, and the cam head can rotate horizontally to ajust the angle. It is designed for a 8mm carbone tube. thomas will make available the file online for those having a 3D printer, but for others, will propose the lower and upper support, including the 2 screws for 8 euros only (shipping excluded), a very good deal.

For a better fixation, I recommend to glue a very thin and larger epoxy plate that will increase the contact surface of the lower support, and will also take the shape of the airfoil when taped. I know that Thomas is doing some attempt to create a larger base, and more flexible to suppress the need of this epoxy plate.

Finnaly, I use duct tape for the fixation on the wing, whatever the material used, composite or elapor/EPP, it gives good results.

contact: delarbre.thomas (at )

What kind of video you can do with such pod:

Weasel TREK in approach !!!

After releasing the Alula TREK, Dreamflight (Michael Richter and George Rodriguez) is currently evaluating the very first prototype of the new and awaited Weasel TREK. From the pictures we can see, the shape is very similar and it use the same skid than the Alula TREK, so we can guess it will feature a canopy for quick and easy access to the radio.

The Weasel EVO has been like a revelation for me few years ago because of its wide flying enveloppe from thermal flying to strong wind flying thanks to the possibility to ballast in the joiner. Its agility, stability is a joy for slope flyers. I still enjoy my Weasel Black Edition !

If the improvement between the Weasel EVO and TREK is about the same than between the Alula EVO and TREK, we can expect something brillant !

Release Countdown started !

Courtesy of

Friday, October 2, 2015

Baudis Jedi onboard video

Onboard video with the Baudis Jedi, at Puy de Manse near Gap:

Pioupiou, a fully autonomous and connected anemometer

A very smart and fully autonomous anemometer that can be useful for our hobby. It features a compass and GPS, and connects automatically to a global cellular signalling network dedicated for the internet of things. This technology is developped by a french company located in Toulouse and called Sigfox ( 

It uses UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) based radio technology and requires a very low energy consumption. The SigFox network currently covers France and Spain, but I understand that some new countries are developping the network. The "Pioupiou", name of this connected anemometer (, has been designed and developped in Grenoble by a paraglider pilot. It costs 325 Euros and includes the life subscription (40 euros) to the signalling network. Once installed, it calibrates and then connect to the network and start to talk over the network. Its battery can last 3 to 4 years before to be replaced. From any internet browser, it is easy to reach its dedicated web page and get the wind direction and force with a history of 2 hours. Our club invested in one unit that has been installed today on our local slope. I can now know the wind on the slope before to devide to go there !

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vagabond XL & Swift S1 from Hacker Model

2 new kits for review arrived yesterday from Hacker (Czech Republic) ! The Vagabond XL , and a Swift S1. Both have 2 meters wingspan and feature a laminated film covering.

More info here

Assembly will start in the coming days, Stay tuned !

Friday, July 10, 2015

F3F French League: Col de Tende

This week-end was the french league contest of Col de tende at the border between Italy and France. We got light conditions on saturday, but managed 4 rounds on the south slopes. Unfortunately on Sunday, the wind stayed too light and from the north so we couldn't resume the contest. Best time of the comp in 38s by Frédéric Hours. Stay and camping on the slope would have been perfect without an army of flies and mosquitos which just eated us !
A big thanks to Sébastien and Philippe Lanes, the organisers !

More pictures here:

Below is an aerial Footage of the Central Fortress of Tende (Alps) between Italy and France.
Remnant of the 1st world war. Altitude 2000m/6000fts. Thanks to Aubry Gabanon:

F3F league contest in Ardèche

This week-end was a F3F league contest in Ardèche. Unfortunately, the stormy weather that is on the south of France fro few days didn't allow to valideta the contest. Saturday afternoon, with warm temperatur and low wind, we did 1 round and half before the end of the day. Strong storm and heavy rains arrived in the evening and didn't stop during the night. Today, same scenario with no wind and wet air, and again storm tonight. We couldn't add new rounds. With 1.5 rounds the contest is therefore not valid. Next contest is in 2 weeks.