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Monday, July 26, 2010

F3F in the heart of the french Alps

This week-end we had a very good F3F competition (french league)in the heart of the french Alps, in Briançon.

The north slope is at 2400 m, with an outstanding scenery of some of the highest summit of the alps.

We were 26 pilots, and reached the slope using 4x4 cars. The weather conditions were pretty nice with sunny days and between 10 to 15 m/s of wind.

We managed 14 rounds and at the end ... I won :) !

I flew my backup Alliaj HM. Landing area was still very rocky and we all damaged a different level our planes.

A big thanks to the organiser, Frederic Hours, for his warm welcome and organisation.

More pictures on my Picasa Album: Here

Friday, July 23, 2010

Living FPV 2

Raphael Pirker is a FPV addict living in Austria. He obviously masterises the subject. This Video is the second opus with absolutely stunning FPV sequences and actions.


Living FPV 2 from Raphael Pirker on Vimeo.

Summer holidays for some of us !

Here is a video of my friend Zhen who spent a week on a small island near Sicily (Italy). The island is 5 km long at its maximum.

The video is taken from a Rookie S from Graupner equiped with a Go Pro HD.

Just look at the water color, it's like a dream !!!

Air Favignana from momozzzz on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SlopeRacer.com Giving Back

SlopeRacer Giving Back. - PRESS RELEASE -

Last October I found out just how superb the staff and facilities are at Bristol Neo-Natal Intensive care Unit (NICU) at first hand. Needless to Say, they went ‘Above and Beyond’ on so many occasions in trying to save my second son. Much of the help and assistance is paid for with the help of charitable donations.

As a way of paying back a small part of the care given, SlopeRacer has teamed up with the SWSA 2010 Welsh open (http://kevin-newton.blogspot.com), Multiplex (Modelspot.com), and RCM&E to create what I believe is the greatest modelling raffle I can remember in the UK. SWSA has agreed to donate some of each entry fee to the fund and each pilot will have raffle tickets to win a one of the prizes. In addition to this the tickets will be available world wide, for just £1 each. How-

Tickets can be bought from me at any race meeting between now and the Welsh open.
By Paypal to info@sloperacer.co.uk. Tickets can be sent out (at extra cost) or your ticket numbers E-mailed.

So What are the Prizes?

  • A Mutliplex royal Pro 7 radio system
  • A Mini Vec Aerobatics model
  • JART EPP model
  • Lift ticket to Norway DVD- Now 2 Lift tick to Norway DvDs and 2 Lift ticket Director’s cut DVD
  • A year’s subscription to RCM&E magazine
The draw will be made at the evening banquet of the Welsh open. As we all have a great weekend’s flying it’s fantastic to have been helped by Multiplex, SWSA and RCM&E to be able to give back a small amount to help other parents going through a tough time.

Ian Mason

Monday, July 19, 2010

Flying Session in Corps

This is my favorite slope in summer because the scenery is just superb, the flying volume is huge and the landing area is wide. You can fly any type of plane, from the foamie to the 6 meters glider with the same happiness.

Yesterday, we were 5 or 6 modellers during the afternoon. Conditions were very good.

Here are some pictures : Picasa Album

I will return there in the coming weeks to enjoy more this slope paradise :) !

Aerial Pictures with the GO Pro HD

I tried yesterday the Go Pro in camera mode, taking a picture every 2 seconds. Apart the fish eye effect, the quality is pretty good.

I uploaded few pictures among the 200 pictures taken during the flight on Picasa.

The wing take too much place on each picture, sorry. But for a first try, I pretty happy with the result.


Yesterday, I met with Alain Zutter in corps and had the chance to see his new flying wing, the AZ2010.

Normally, every year, Alain is designing a new wing but unfortunately nothing in 2008 and 2009. Alain is back with an evolution of the section used on the AZ2007.

I piloted few minutes the AZ2010. The wing is pretty fast, responsive.

I don't have much details, but some pictures here: Picasa Album

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New video from JC Gonin

2 flying wings, a Fauvel AV36 and a Fauvel AV22 being towed at the same time. The cam is a Go PRO HD, greta music too !

Thursday, July 1, 2010

(onboard video) Flying over Brié

This is the second videoclip done with my Dingo equiped with the GO Pro HD. No DS this time, but different angles, some air to air sequences, some fly bys, F3F turns.

Slope Soaring with a Dingo from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

Enjoy !

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