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Friday, May 20, 2016

Weasel TREK: Light speed assembly !

In fact we cannot really talk about assembly as it takes 25 minutes to have it ready, no glue is needed. This is faster than some RTF kit.

The work consists mainly in

  • installing the 2 servos in their location, servo arm at the neutral position. I use some UHU glue to secure, but this is not necessary, there are 2 transparent tape pieces to cover and maintain in place the servos.
  • route the servo wires to the radio compartiment
  • tape the velcro on the nose and on the battery to secure it
  • install the plastic clevises on the control rods.
  • install the 2 screws on the joiner lock system (same as the Alula TREK)
  • No lead needed in the nose for the CG balancing, I even had to move back the battery by 5mm.

If you want some colors, acrylic paint in spray will do it easily. I used some masking paper tape. This is clearly longer than the assembly itself, but she deserves it !

On the balance, she weights 290grs vs the 330grs of the Weasel Black Edition. Additional ballast is about 50gr, perfectly centered on the recommended CoG.

1 comment:

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog post about the Weasel Trek and Light Speed assembly - seriously cool stuff! As a fellow model enthusiast, I can totally relate to the joy of putting together intricate pieces and seeing them come to life. Your detailed descriptions and photos really bring out the excitement of the process.
    By the way, speaking of assembling things, I recently came across a different kind of assembly - more like disassembly - that caught my attention. If you're ever in need of getting rid of old cars in Mornington, there's a nifty option: "Cash for Cars Mornington." It's pretty rad how they offer cash for old vehicles, giving them a new life while putting some extra money in your pocket.
    Keep up the awesome work on your models and sharing your adventures. Looking forward to more cool updates!


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