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My Favorite websites

  • Jivaro models: Very rich website maintained by Laurent Berlivet. Laurent was the editor of few magazines in the past. The website, with regular updates from few contributors is plenty of advises, plans, etc ...
  • F3f-france.com: The french F3F portal () with calendar, results, reports, online registration, etc ...
  • AZ: The website of Alain Zutter the "father" of the AZ flying wing family
  • Kevin Newton's blog: with lots of superb pictures about F3F
  • GPR, the website of Gérard Risbourg, dedicated to large scale gliders.
  • RC Soaring Digest is a monthly webzine
  • A website dedicated to the Dynamic Soaring in europe with videos, informations about gliders or sections, a forum, etc ...
  • Aeromod: The website of the manufacturer of the Alliaj HM
  • Airtech: Home of the Jedi aerobatic glider and many other gliders
  • Flash-RC: an online store with a wide choice of RC products
  • Bungymania: A very well made and rich website with lots of reviews. 
  • Old S'CooL Hobbies: This new shop is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and propagation of classic tried and true wood based glider modeling for aerobatics/VTPR.
  • Slopeaerobatics.com: This website is dedicated to R/C glider aerobatics on the slope.
  • ItalSoaring: F3X sailplanes (NAN models) distributor in Italy.
  • SlopeRacer: One of the Largest F3X sailplane UK distributor.
  • Plane Expert: a newcomer in France, specialized in gliders, localized in the south east of France (Carpentras)
  • VTPR Aerobatics blog from Eric Johnson about VTPR.
F3X Manufacturers

  • Miro Model: Manufacturer of the Ambrosia series (F3X, F5J)
  • Aer-o-tec: Manufacturer of the Crossfire family range among other nice sailplanes for F3B, F3F, F3J
  • Baudis: Home of the Ceres, Cyril, Fosa F3B sailplanes
  • Bretamodel: manufacturer of the Tanga, Precious, Nyx, Furio, Etc...
  • F3J.cz: Lubos Pazderka, manufacturer of the Victor, Aspire
  • F3X.eu: Vaclav Vojtisek, manufacturer of the Dingo, and the Ascot
  • F3X.cz: Manufacturer of the Sting and the Viking, Viking 2
  • Heinrich: Manufacturer of the Ariane F3, the Stork 4
  • JiTom: Jiri Tuma, manufacturer of the Evolution, X21, Extasy
  • Samba Model: Manufacturer of the Pike series
  • Radek Munzar: Manufacturer of the Bird, Big Bird, Vikos
  • TUD-modeltechnik: Manufacturer of the Freestyler 3 and 4
  • Zdeněk Ješina: Home of the Vampire F3B, Opus, Tomahawk
  • NAN Model: Home of the Xplorer and many other F3J sailplanes
  • Ivan Sanda Models: the manufacturer of several fully moulded glider
  • RCRCM: Manufacturer of the Predator, Strega, Typhoon
  • Stratair: Manufacturer of the Hurricane and Europhia
  • Tragi Ltd: Manufacturer of the Tragi series (Mainly F3J)

F3G and F3B in Kulmbach / Germany, a tradition continues!

From May 10th to May 12th, 2024, the Kulmbach model aircraft association organized a combined competition on its own model aircraft site nea...