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HV6130 and HV6130H: A concentrate of power and technology in a small package !

MKS is releasing 2 new servos for the glider enthusiasts we are, the HV6130 and HV6130H (upright mounting tab for fuselage use) ! They use the same form factor than the DS6100 / HV6100 / HV6110 but use all metal case, and feature an upside-down high quality HV coreless motor installing, to reduce space. This servos will therefore easily fit in the smallest wing servo bay, used with RDS or LDS, or fuselage, and provide an incredible torque between 6kg under 6V to 8.1kg under 8.2V !!!

They are positionned between the 6125 and 6625 family, but are smaller than both. You will find the spec drawing below. They integrate 2 new interresting features with in addition to 3 ball bearings, 2 additional jewel bearings to strengthen the structure, and a Built-in Safe
System, which works as a protection against voltage draw when servo overloading and allow to land the plane safely.

Please note that the HV6130 will be available within 1 or 2 months, and HV6130H will come a bit later.


Torque: …

Stribog F3F from RTGModel

RTGModel (Milan Demčišák) recently released his brand new flagship the STRIBOG. This is the successor of the Rotmilan Midi and the latest F3F glider of a family that started with the Extreme, then the Rotmilan follow by a smaller version with the Rotmilan Midi and it features some nice evolutions that I will detail.

Stribog (Stribozh, Strzybóg, Стрибог) is the god and spirit of the winds, sky and air; he is said to be the ancestor (grandfather) of the winds of the eight directions. The Stribog has a 2.86 m wingspan which is ideally suited for F3F and slope soaring. Wing section is a HN airfoil (Norbert Habe) and different from the Rotmilan from I heard but I don't have much details on this one. The tail section is thinner.

The fuselage uses the same convenient layout than previously and features a canopy, a moulded servo tray, a fuselage ballast tube. The front of the fuselage till the end of the elevator servos is fiberglass and kevlar, then we can see the carbon fabric from this…