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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Dingo is ready

The weather is still very bad in France, like all over Europe with negativ temperature and snow. This is the coldest winter since I live in the Area.

But at least, I can spend more time in my workshop to build my planes ;) !
My Dingo is now finished and will join the Thyphoon and the AlliajHM already waiting for the maiden flight.

I uploaded the picture of the assembly here.
I will now start a Multifun from Telink (EPP glider) but with a motor this time.

Then, I will finish the second Alliaj HM and start the Strega. The road is still long :) !!!


  1. Hi Pierre,

    As you are using a 5 elements battery, are you using any voltage regulator?


  2. Hello Henry,

    In the Dingo I'm using 4 cells eneloop only. I hesitated to add a 5th one but finally went with 4 to let the space for the receiver.

  3. Bonjour,

    Je vois que vous utilisez des caches servos transparents très pratiques, sont-ils faits à la demande par vos soins ou les trouve-t-on dans le commerce ?
    Merci !

  4. Bonjour Laurent,

    J'ai acheté ces caches transparents chez Samba model, le fabricant du Pike perfect.



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