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Monday, March 15, 2010

Freestyler 2.4

I fly a Freestyler since 2007, and it has a carbon fuselage. Therefore my last step to complete my migration to 2.4 was to install a R8 Jeti Receiver in it. Not that easy since the fuselage is full carbon, hopefully except the nose cone.

I created a window using fiberglass. This is done is few steps:

  1. create a mould of the front of the fuselage
  2. cut largely the fuselage using a mini drill
  3. Mask with tape around the hole to avoid excess of resin
  4. put the mould in place
  5. apply 5 layers of figerglass 163 g/m2 at the exact size of the hole
  6. apply 2 extra layers of figerglass 163 g/m2 larger than the hole
  7. Once dried, finish the work with sanding, and painting

The 2 antennas are installed at 90°: the first one is fix on the window, longitudinally. the second one is for the moment vertical, along the receiver.

I flew with the Freestyler yesterday and it worked OK, except too "beep" indicating a signal lost when I was flying very very far away of the slope, and under a certain incidence, so nothing alarming :)

Conclusion, my Freestyler is ready for the season 2010 and will be 2.4 like the rest of my F3F sailplanes.

More pictures on my Picasa Album

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