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Friday, March 26, 2010

T12FG and external ASSAN 2.4 HF module

I'm working currently on the modification of my T12FG in order to use an Assan 2.4 HF module plugged to the trainer connector. The reason behind is that I'm equiped with Assan on all my foamies and small glider, because of the cheap price of the receivers while I'm using Jeti for my mouldies. The Jeti TU module is inside the radio, so no remaining place for another internal module. In addition, I still want to be able to use the Assan Module on my FF9 transmitter. But, when I'm traveling, I don't want to carry 2 transmitters.

The first step was to build a mount: The first part is a short piece of aluminium tube with a long bolt inside, the bolt is exiting on both side of the tube.

Then I built a plate with some 2mm epoxy board. The cable is using a Futaba square connector.
The remaining work consist in finding a elegant way to secure the module on the mount.

Few pictures can be found on my Picasa album

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