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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

F3F will have its world championship !

After moving from provisional to official in 2009, it has been voted at the CIAM in 2010 that F3F category will have its world champioship. This is a good news for this "sport" that always have lots of flyers.

The first world championship could be organized in 2012, and some rumours say that Germany could be a candidate to organize them, probably in RĂ¼gen.

Now the question is: what will be the futur of the Viking Race ? Will it be in alternance with the worlds or will it disappeared ?

The real problem is to find organisers and suitable slopes.

1 comment:

  1. hej my name is lars pedersen oy2859 winner a viking race 1989
    evryboddy who flyes f3f nouw that viking race is WR SO ITS JUST ANOTER NAME for the same
    smile looking forvart to fly vit you all
    kind lars oy2859....

    ps i like the name viking race more then WM


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