Aside the Viking Race last week, I had the opportunity to see a brand new Vampire, the new F3B ship from Jesina (Czech Republic).

For few years, all new F3B coming on the market look like the famous Freestyler. Shooter, Radical, Proton, Crossfire 2, there are all the same apart the wingspan at the point where it's difficult which one it is when flying.

There is fortunately few exceptions like the Dingo, Alliaj HM, and this new Vampire. The shape of the fuselage is very particular. The color scheme is very nice.

The section is from DP. According to the owner, the plane seems to be fast, turns well.

We will judge about the performances during the coming F3F competitions :)

More pictures on my Picasa Album


  1. Qu'il est beau,
    j'envie son propriétaire.

  2. Je connais son propriétaire. Je pourrais te donner son numéro de téléphone ;) !!!

    A très bientôt,



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