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Monday, August 9, 2010

Flying Session at Senepy

Saturday, I went to the Senepy slope near Grenoble with Serge, a F3F mate. Weather was pretty light but flyable.

I had a problem with my Freestyler and Jeti 2.4. I have been unable to fly:

I launched my Freestyler (receiver R8) and after 10 meters, I heard the beep indicating the signal lost. I immediatly landed, without any problem as I had the control. I did some range check and notice I had only 20m with the full power (not using the range test feature).

At home I did again some new tests:

* T12 with another R8: same problem, no range
* FF9 with TF module with the same R8: it works
* FF9 with TF module with the freestyler: it works
* plug the antenna of the T12 on the FF9: it works
* plug the antenna of the FF9 on the T12: no range

I opened the transmistter and didn't notice anything. Everything is in place, no short cut.

This is weird !

More pictures of the flying session here: my Picasa Album

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