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Monday, August 2, 2010

Pocket Radar

Friday, I received my new Pocket Radar, so yesterday was a good opportunity to bring it with me and do some measures at the slope. It arrived via USPS in 5 days from USA to France.

The Pocket Radar is the small verion of the usual radar gun.

As soon as I started to measure 1 or 2 planes speed after diving, all pilots present entered the game and I didn't stop for 1 hour to measure speeds, from the Easyglider (50 km/h) to the Sniper (230 km/h). The Sniper was full ballast and was diving from 200m or more.

The Pocket Radar is a nice piece of technology, of the size of a big mobile handset. It it very well manufactured.

The use is pretty easy. A quick look to the user manual is enough. You can change the speed unit (KPH, MPH, MS, ...).

The Pocket Radar use 2 x AAA batteries which give up to 10 000 measures according to the user manual.

I purchased this radar, because I'm waiting my DS plane I ordered. It is a D60. The delivery time is shifting week after week. I just hope to get it before the winter.

More information on this tiny radar on manufacturer's website: Pocket Radar

few pictures here.

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