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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ambrosia F3X

My Ambrosia has just exited from the moulds :) !

This new plane manufactured by Palo & Miro Polonec (Miro Model) . Miro Model is well known in the F1E (free fligth) world. For example, pilots from the french national F1E team are using Miro Model planes.

This is a crosstail sailplane with a 2.95m wingspan and a DP section. It has a original wing planform.

The plane has now a long trip from Slovakia to its new home in France in the coming weeks. As soon as I receive it, you will have a complete presentation in details.


  1. Hi Pierre, it defines your information on the web, the model produces brother Palo Polonec ¬ Miro. His picture is here:
    Palo and Miro are good RC pilots and recently published a video of the flight model, which drove Palo Polonec

  2. Aj na www.lmkmartin.estranky.sk


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