Friday, October 29, 2010

Exclusive: MKS DS6125 tested with Servomances !

I sent one of the DS6125 I won at the Viking Race to Olivier Segouin (Servormances team member) who tested the servos yesterday. As reminder, Servormances is first of all a test protocol that allow to test servos in the very same conditions in order to be able to do true comparisons. Servormances is also a software with a very friendly interface (in french only, sorry mates !). Last update is from June 2010 and can be downloaded here:

Currently, Olivier is doing some servos tests with the Graupner DS3288, DES448. I guess a software update which includes also the MKS servos will be available soon.

As an exclusive preview, here is a comparison of the MKS DS6125 with the current wing servos references, from my point of view: the Hyperion DS095FMD, the graupner DS3210, and the Airtronics 94761Z.

To make it short the result is that the MKS DS6125 is comparable in term of max torque and speed, but surpasses all other servos in term of precision, positioning, neutral position, and bending under load. This is confirming the first user feedbacks.

This is all the characteristics that we are looking for on our competition gliders, so I predict that this servos will become rapidly the new reference and a best seller.

In France you can buy the DS6125 from

You can also watch this Video from MKS showing the DS6125 in action, and the extremely good accuracy and positionning:

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