Sunday, October 10, 2010

I broke the 30s barrier !!!

Yesterday (The 9th of october 2010) during the 3 round of the last F3F french league competition, I broke the french record and at the same time broke the 30s barrier with a amazing 29.92s !

The wind was between 18 and 22 m/s on slope A in Laurac (VKR slopes), with low clouds. My gain of altitude was average, and the first 2 laps were around 40s. But something happened until the end of the flight. It was like having a booster or a rocket on the plane. The wing were bending during each turn, but I didn't care :) !

I should have the video in few days because a modeler filmed the flight in HD with his camera.

I'm under 30s .... unbelievable !!!!! I joined the club :) !

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