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Monday, November 29, 2010

2.4 Ghz: The judgment day is approaching …

When 2.4 Ghz appeared few year ago, lots of people were wishing a convergence of the systems in order to be able to mix brands together like we can still do with PPM radio.

But this dream is, from my point of view, flying away with what we see currently on the market, and worse than that, large manufacturers are suppressing PPM transmitter from their catalogue to offer only 2.4 native transmitters.

Today, it is impossible to find a Futaba T10FG. Graupner is selling out the MX12s and MX16s. When you open big shop catalogue or website, you don’t see anymore PPM radio.

Another example with Multiplex who is protecting their transmitter by supressing the PPM signal on the Royal Pro. When you send a Royal Evo for maintenance, it comes back with the firmware of the Royal Pro !! too bad ...

This prevents the end customer to buy a PPM transmitter, then install any 2.4 HF module of his choice. All alternative brands, with affordable prices, are in danger in a near future. I think this explains why Jeti will release a transmitter beginning of 2011.

We are clearly in the middle of the 2.4 war, and this war will not stop before some players die. We are of course hostage of this situation. As soon as we choose a system, we are prisoner of this brand.

What to do ? Any idea ?


  1. You can chose Sanwa SD10G, you find a ppm output
    for information, I modify one with FrSky Module 2.4 Ghz, and it works
    Olivier Segouin

  2. You can modify a Tx MX 16 S ...with a Frishy module 2.4 ghz ;this module works very well ...is not expensive ...and allows you to keep 41 mhz band !Best regards!


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