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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ambrosia F3X assembly "part 2"

I continued the assembly with the servos installation, in the fuselage and in the wings. In the fuselage, the DS6125-H are simply screwed with the woodscrews provided.

Pushrods are made from metal tube with a external diameter of 2mm. First, I cut them at the right length before to fix a M2 treaded coupler at the end. I used MPJet couplers made from brass because they are execellent quality.

Usually, I glued, then pinched the M2 treaded coupler on the pushrod. Prior to that, I inserted 5cm of 1 mm pianowire in the tube in order to not crush the tube when pinching the coupler.

I started also to have a look on the battery to use. This is straigth forward: 4 eneloop cells mounted in 2+2 format will take place easily in the nose.

They enter without any problem by the canopy, once servos are in place. This is a good point because the canopy is not that big.

On the wing side, I prepared the servo holes to receive the wood frames. Once positioned, I glued the frame with rapid expoxy (10 mn R&G epoxy), put the servo in place with a very thin plastic film in between, ajust the position of the frame & servo in order to have the servo horn well aligne with the control horn.

I put a ballast on top of the servo and let everything to dry smoothly all night long.

This morning I checked the result, and all is perfect. The DS6125 fit perfectly in its wood frame which is well glue

The result is clean and ready to receive the control rods which is the next step of the assembly.

Stay tuned !

1 comment:

  1. Hi

    On this picture (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_bCr9ad8EFic/TOTzPIcVTrI/AAAAAAAAEwc/pDtE34FJkZQ/s400/IMG_4814.JPG) i can see a servo horn for the mks 6125 made out of metal.

    Can you say me from where you have these metal servo horns?

    Best regards


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