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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Ambrosia F3X has landed !

I received 2 days ago my Ambrosia F3X from Miro Model. This F3F model with a wingspan of 2.95m doesn't look like other plane with its crosstail, and a very original and nice planform. The section is a DP 8.3/1.66 at the root, with an evolution to a thinner section with less camber at the tip. Another particularity is the canopy that is located at the bottom of the fuselage, servos being upside down.

Characteristics are:
  • wingspan: 2950 mm
  • Lenght 1450 mm
  • Area: 56.4 dm2
  • Root chord: 250 mm
  • section: DP 8.3/1.66
Moulding quality is absolutely superb, one of the best I have seen. The finish and fitting is just perfect. To illustrate it, just assemble the 2 wings on the fuselage with the joiner to see that there is no need to force. I will not have to sand the joiner, even a little. The fit at the root is perfect.

My Ambrosia is a glass version, the fuselage is made from kevlar carbon. The servo tray is already installed, like the control command to the tail and rudder. a small pocket with the wing servos covers and brass control horn is provided.

Ballast take place in the wing on both side of the joiner, which is good to keep the balance right, while loading the plane. The square ballast tubes accept up to 1400g of ballast (brass ballast).

Weight per element is as follow:
  • Fuselage: 322g
  • Right tailplane + joiner: 29g
  • Left tailplane: 25g
  • Left Wing: 627g
  • Right wing: 637g
  • Joiner: 92g
  • Total: 1732g
I can expect a flying weight around 2100 to 2150 gr

As I said at the beginning, the Ambrosia F3X is manufactured by Miro Model, located in Slovakia. There is no website yet, but you can contact them at the following address: p.polonec(at)zoznam.sk (replace the (at) by the @ to obtain a valid email address).

More to come with the building, so stay tuned !

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