Ambrosia F3X ready for maiden

I finished the Ambrosia this week-end. I found in a DIY shop a square steel tube with the right dimension, 14x14mm, and some wood for the spacers.

I made slugs length in order to have 2 slugs per compartiment, that is to say 4 slugs per wing. What is interesting is that compartiments are located on each side of the joiner which garanties that the CG will not move too much when ballasting.

Each slug is about 160 g.

And the total ballast weight is about 1300g, which is perfect

I also did the CG balance of the plane and moulded the lead for the nose. I needed around 150g of lead which is not too much considering the fin and tailplane which is usually heavier than a V-tail.

The total weight is 2250g. The Ambrosia F3X is ready for maiden :) !!!

First flight next week-end if the weather is cooperative. We had snow falls the last days ...

Stay tuned !


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