Ambrosia F3X first flight ... almost !

Well, the weather conditions were totally calm air, no wind at all with a temperature of 4° celcius. Hopefully, all the snow melted since last week-end, so the slope was accessible.

It was defintively not a weather for a maiden flight, but because I was on the slope, I didn't want to return home without launching the plane once, do a circuit and land.

Surprisingly the first flight was longer than expected and I was able to do few circuits in dead air, with flaps, before to land, very encouraging.

I have been able to see the good lift provided by the section, and the good handling of the Ambrosia, at very low speed, with no bad habits, no stall.

Now, I'm  waiting for better condition to see what the plane is capable. Maybe tomorrow I will drive 1 hour to go to another slope where the wind could blow a bit more according to the weather station  installed near the slope for paraglider.


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