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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sailplane Grand Prix

This is about Sailplane but not RC. "Sailplane Grand Prix" is new gliding racing format that take advantage of the latest techonolgies to allow the spectators to watch the race real time with onboard camera, real time simulation.

The following video explain everything with in addition superb video sequences. Unfortunately, it is not broadcasted on the main channels in France. Maybe some of you have seen it

1 comment:

  1. Hello Planet-soaring, and hello to your readers.
    I work for the company behind the push to bring the Grand Prix format of glider racing to a bigger audience, and I'd like to say thank you for bringing attention to the sport by posting this.
    For those who are interested (and I hope many are), there's a new Blu-Ray & DVD coming out very soon based on the WC final at Santiago, Chile in January of this year.
    If you follow the link in the bottom left of the video, you'll be able to watch out for updates, including release dates.
    Kind regards,

    Nick Parker


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