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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vampire F3F

Here are the pictures of my Vampire F3F double carbon. Given the color scheme, this is an halloween limited serie :) !

The kit comes very complete with ballast, wing bags, wire looms installed. The weight of each element is following:

  • Right wing (including wiring): 610g
  • Left wing (including wiring): 626g
  • Right Tail: 41g
  • Left tail: 41g
  • fuselage (including wiring): 300g
  • Joiner: 112g
  • Total: 1730g
There is 1.5 Kg of ballast provided (brass), located in the joiner and in the wings. The Fuselage is 2.4 ghz friendly.

Stay tuned for the assembly, that I will start soon as the F3F season is approaching.


  1. Congratulations Pierre!

    Very nice F3F plane :)

    Peace FX200

  2. Congratulations,
    Very nice color choise, I'm waiting to see it in flight.

    Have a nice Day



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