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Friday, April 29, 2011

Android App: Timer F3F

Thibaud Ringenbach, a french F3F pilot, developped a small but great application running on Android providing a F3F stopwatch and more. You can enter the pilot names, or import it via a txt file. Then you can record the times associated to each pilot. It is possible to enter the time manually and overwrite the time recorded by the application. You can also export an output file with times and penalties.

Other improvements and feature are in progress.
From now, this application is downloadable on the Android Market. it's free, it's Opensource, it's great !!! except if you have an IPhone :) !!!


  1. really cool!
    is there an english version as well? :)

  2. Hello Lukas,
    I will work with Thibaud for the English version. But I will also add 10 seconds to your time when you are flying, just in case ;) !!!
    C U

  3. thx a lot!
    but 10 seconds may not be enough... :)

  4. Hey Lukas, i am currently working on the english version, Pierre will translate it. As he asked, you will get 10seconds more on each one of your run, but he will get at least 15s too, so your good ;)


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