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Monday, April 4, 2011

BatGlider maiden

I maidened my Vampire on Saturday at Montchenu near Romans sur Isère, then had a second flying session on the local slope on Sunday.

The CG is at 91 mm which corresponds to the front of the wing ballast compartiment. This position seems very good. the plane has no bad habits and is quite fast.

So what to say on the Vampire ? I would say that it is comparable to an Alliaj HM but lighter. You can achieve very good speed empty. The grip in the turn is amazing and the speed at the exit of the turn is absolutely excellent.

I found that the Vampire is more sensitive to the ballast than the Alliaj HM. If you ballast too much (1 or 2 brass bars more, which correspond to 150 to 300 gr) you immediatly feel it in flight.

Overall, I would say that the Vampire is a good complement of the Alliaj HM for small to medium conditions, but need more attention on the ballast strategy.

Anyway, I need more airtime on it in the coming days ...

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