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Monday, April 11, 2011

Rotmilan: the new F3X plane by Milan Demčišák & Norbert Habe

Milan Demcisak is a well know Slovakian manufacturer who produced the Demo series, and more recently the sucessfull Extreme F3F:

Milan Demcisak will release soon the successor of the Extreme F3F, called Rotmilan (The Red Kite, a medium-large bird of prey), designed in cooperation with Norbert Habe.

Below are the specifications of this new plane:
  • Wingspan                   3018 mm
  • Wing surface              60,69 dm²
  • Ratio                         15,00
  • lenght                        1493 mm
  • Section                      HN-Straak
  • Flying Weight            2150 gr - 3600 gr
  • Wing loading             from 35.2 gr/dm²

Preseries have already been molded. Production is starting right now. 
More to come ...

Stay tuned !


  1. Hello Pierre, here is a short video of the Rptmilan I just found:

  2. http://www.east-wing-base.com/index.php/rotmilan
    Couple pics..

  3. Hi Pierre,

    Mine arrived! See this: http://www.rcsail.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1957&sid=2201fb3e3882fabec41a78fdbc6f2982 :)

    CM Cheng


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