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Thursday, May 19, 2011

FPV: 90km round trip record !!!

This FPV amazing record flight has been established by Montiel Roberto in Spain, taking off from La Muela (the F3F slope), near Guadalajara, and flying to Sigüenza, 45km north to La Muela. This 4 hours flight, using only 482 mAh of motor power took benefit of the numerous thermal. The electro sailplane used is a Grafas, a 3m wingspan plane from Topmodel.cz

Congratulations to Montiel Roberto for this record !

Here is his video:


  1. Thank you, it is a pleasure for me to be in your site.

    Roberto Montiel

  2. Hi Roberto,

    Congratulations again for you amazing flight !
    I know La Muela, I visited Sigüenza, so I imagine well how far it is from La Muela !!!

    All the best,


  3. how did you manage to get such a coverage with your transmitter? I can't imagine you drove???

  4. Hi everybody,

    Waaawwww, it's amazing.

    But, you have to think that you are playing in the same area that the civilian and military aviation with this kind of flight at those altitude !!!

    Who will be the first to cause an accident ???

    The webmaster must remind the rules of the aeromodelism

    Think safety first...........


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