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Monday, June 6, 2011

Vampire F3F settings

Below are my current settings on the Vampire. There are suitable for F3F of course, and adapted to my flying style and habits.


  1. Pierre
    My Vamp is nearly ready for its maiden flight probably at Crook peak in the UK. Are your snap settings progressive or do the come in late with elevator? Also please what sort of curve works with the Butterfly. your help would be much appreciated.

    Best wishes

    1. Hello Richard,

      The 10% expo on the elevator make the snapflap to act first, followed by the elevator. This allows to enter the turn with more speed, but lots of grip, then sharpen the turn when elevator is pulled more.

      Hope this answer your question.


  2. Pierre,

    Doesn't that depend on if you have the mixing based on the input signal or the output signal? If you are mixing snap flap to the output signal of the elevator, then the expo won't make any difference to the timing of when the snapflap acts versus the elevator.

    I suppose if you have it mixed to the input signal, then you may have the ability for the snapflap to start taking effect before the elevator. Is this what you have on your radio?

    On both of my radios, the mixing happens on the output signal, so I am not sure how I would even make it so that you could have snap flap come in before elevator. Have you found this to be beneficial on other airplanes too?



    P.S. - Wish that I was coming to the worlds with the US team, but I didn't finish in the top 3, but some time I hope to make it over to your part of the world to fly...


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