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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Polish, which one ?

Recently was a discussion on BARCS forum regarding the polishing of the Alliaj HM with use an acrylic paint, so is affected by solvents.

I remember at the Viking Race 2010, Greg Dakin (UK) had a very shiny Alliaj HM. He had polished it and to be honest, the result was superb.

Greg recommend a particular polish called "Autoglym Super Resin Polish". I found it at my supermarket (E. Leclerc) at a good price: 9 Euros for 325 cl.

According to Greg, the resin polish seems to improve and harden the surface (paint).

How to proceed ? Use two soft cotton cloths, one to apply the resin and one to polish. Ideally, you need two to three coats, applyin each coat and left to dry, before polishing. The resin is also really good for polishing out light scratches on clear moulded canopies too

The key benefit compared to other polish is that the resin polish does not scratch the surface.

Of course the Super Resin Polish is not only for the Alliaj HM, but will work on all painted surface.

Thanks Greg for this finding !

I will let you know the result on My Alliaj HM with pictures to compare before and after.

Stay tuned !

1 comment:

  1. I have ued the same Auto Glym polish. Very easy to use and helps keeping wings clean. It might be positive thinking of polish hardering the surface, but maybe it gives some protection for scratches.



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