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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some F3F Practice

Well today, I went to Corps, despite a very cold, windy, and possibly rainy weather. It was between 10 and 12° on the slope, with 20 to 30 km/h of wind, perfectly oriented.

The first difficulty was to find the way to avoid traffic jam because of the "Tour de France" against the clock  race that was around Grenoble, forbidding the access to the club slope.

therefore, I thought I would find somebody else on the slope in Corps, but absolutely nobody. Only one car on the car park, my car, nobody walking around, no modellers. Too freezy ;) !

At the beginning of the afternoon, The clouds were at the top of the slope or few meter above, but then they cleared and the sun appeared.

I had a very good session with my vampire. I played witht he fine tuning to see if I could find a better snap flap settings, but returned to the one I published which seems to be the most appropriated.

I flew with 450 gr of ballast most of the afternoon.

Tomorrow will be the same so I will return and take my D60 and try some DS there.


  1. Hi Pierre, yesterday exactly at that time, as you flew, we flew on a slope in Slovakia. We had good conditions, low wind blew and our slope is small. We talked also about you and we do not know how high is the hill where the fly? Pictures from yesterday of our flying is here:


    Vojto, Peter and John from the hill near the town of Martin in Slovakia:

  2. Hi Vojto, Peter and John

    The slope is at 1700 m of altitude, facing west, north west.


    All the best,


  3. Hi Pierre, our starting point is 630 meters high on the south wind and 7.5 km away from the town of Martin



  4. Hi Pierre!

    What wind is best for corps, is september a good month in corps? Is there more slopes close to corps?

  5. Hi,

    Begining of september is fine, but then, as fall is arriving, the weather becomes very stable during sunny days and there is less thermal and breeze. So I recommend you to not come too much later in the season.


  6. Oh too bad! Our plan was to arrive in the middle of september.... Any other good place in europe for slopesoaring in september?

    /Stefan in Sweden

  7. Pierre I would love to email with you directly! My mail is stefan@fullkontroll.se


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