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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thierry Martinet, a talented comic strip writer

Today, I wanted to talk about a friend of mine, who is a talented comic strip writer. His name is Thierry Martinet. Thierry is the guy who introduced the use of the vinyl covering on our RC sailplane, as he was working as graphist and designer and was using a lot this material. With the help of Gérard Prat, he developed the covering technic, selected the most appropriated vynil quality, created superb color design using a large vynil cutting machine. Based on their experience, some manufacturers like Tangent Modelltechnic are now using this material for their product line. You can read an article he wrote with Gérard, a long time ago which I translated before to publish it in QFI. The article can be found here.

For example, this 4m ASW15 is covered with Vinyl and the decoration was made for me by Thierry. 10 years after, this ASW15 is still flying and the vinyl and decoration is in perfect condition.

But Thierry's passion is the cartoon and illustration, and Thierry returned to it and worked on different project. For example, he created a cartoon festival in his city, Bellegarde, near Geneva. He also work for a french specialized magazine called "Le Fana de l'aviation"

The current big project Thierry worked on, is the story of Charles Nungesser, a famous french pilot of the first world war, who tried to cross the atlantic ocean only 15 days before Lindbergh. Currently there is an expedition near Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon to try to find the "white bird", the plane of Nungesser and his copilot Coli. This comic book is based on a scenario from Thierry Bourcy.

It will also be animated and have sound added so as to create a single 50 X 1 minute audiovisual tool broadcast on the websites of newspapers, partner sites and Ipad application. Here is the teaser:

The Iron Angel - Teaser par Ange_de_Fer

Thierry is also a RC glider pilot, despite he has too few free time to go to the slope.

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