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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video: Ultimate VTPR in California

I just receive 2 links from Steve Lange (slopeaerobatics.com) about videos demonstrating what can be achieved with an Ultra light "MasSwissFish" at only 470gr, and a Big Fish at 685gr. Both are made from EPP and laminated film. They are derivated from the original "Le Fish".

Both video are just incredible. Given that the cam is a GoPRO HD with a fish eye lens, you can imagine how close Steve and Peter fly. What is also very interresting is the low speed, and the hability to do rolls and loops at that speed.

Enjoy !

1 comment:

  1. Wow, thank you Pierre! We are not worthy of such high praise, but we will work very hard to become so. And it must be said that your video of the original MiniToons v1 was a huge inspiration for me, as was the video of BPLR and his Madslide, and of course the amazing Menez-Hom video from 2005. We still have so much to learn from the true VTPR masters in France, but we are so honored to finally be part of the discussion. Merci beaucoup!!




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