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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Briançon F3F

I spent my week-end in Briançon for a nice a friendly F3F competition, part of the french F3F league. On saturday, we arrive on the slope using 4 wheels drive cars, at 2400 meters of altitude. The breeze was very light but in the right direction. Cumulus clouds were growing slowly but surely. when the breeze became sufficiently strong (over 3 to 4 m/s) we started the first round, but thunderstorm arrived, and also the rain, so we had to stop and drive down. Too bad for me as I had the best time with 46s at that moment.

After a very nice evening at Frederic Hours house, with all the participants, we went to see the finale of the climbing contest of Briançon, part of the world cup. Very impressive and interresting to see this guys, and how good theyr are at this excercice !

Sunday, we drove eralier to the slope, started the first round before 1 O'clock, and we managed to complete 5 rounds. Matthier Mervelet, like in Caussols, got indecent good air each rounds and won all rounds with a large margin. He flew a 37s which is the slope record.

I flew well but again couldn't fight.

A huge thanks to Alain Gallinet, Frederic and Edwige Hours for organizing, and hosting this competition.

Next contest of the league will be in Vercors, on huge cliffs, in 3 weeks.

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