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Monday, September 19, 2011

Rotmilan settings

I have been able to fly the Rotmilan in medium to strong conditions. It demonstrated an excellent natural speed, good energy retention in turn. the Rotmilan accelerate very well during the first dive, while entering the course. It is forgiving during the course in the sense it can again accelerate in the middle of the course if you do a mmistake, or if the conditions grow.

I ballasted it to 700g (8 slugs over 10), which means that the ballast provided (900g) won't be enough in strong conditions, so there is a need to ballast in the joiner. Fortunately I have 2 tungsten ballast slugs remaining from a previous plane, so I will be able to add 500g more, so a total of 1400g, not that bad.

I moved the CG to 108mm, and thank to the fine tuning function of the T12FG, I played with the amount of snapflap.

I ended the day with the current settings:

(Note: + means "Down", - means "Up". Ailerons and flaps measured at the junction, elevator and rudder measured at the root)

CG:             108 mm
Elevator:     +/- 5mm
Rudder:       +/-10mm
              ailerons: -25/+15mm
              flap: -8/+5mm
              ailerons: +3mm
              flap: +5mm
                  ailerons: +3mm
                  flap: +3mm
                  ailerons: -1 mm
                  flaps: -1mm
                 flaps: +45 mm
                 ailerons: -18 mm
                 elevator compensation: +4 mm

Here is the last video I edited:

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