Saturday, October 29, 2011

Typhoon Race 2011

This Race is to the Asia what the Viking Race is to Europe. The TR2011 is organised this week-end in the very south of Taiwan, on a costal slope. the weather forecast were very promising and it seems that it is just unbelievable: Just to understand here are the best time of each of the 9 rounds completed up to now:

  • 32.67 s
  • 32.67 s
  • 31.45 s
  • 33.60 s
  • 33.12 s
  • 32.21 s
  • 30.73 s
  • 31.85 s
  • 31.44 s
What a competition ! I wish I was there. Eric Wong achieved today a 30.73s which is from my knowledge the best F3F time in Asia. Congratulations Eric !

You can follow the results and find lots of video  here

copyright Stanley Chan

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