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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Typhoon Race ended on a new unbelievable world record of 26.80 seconds !!!

The Typhoon Race ended on a new unbelievable world record of 26.80 seconds !!!
4 sub-30 times in the same competition is just historical from my point of view !

Copyright CM Cheng

congratulations to Ho Kwok Wai (Hong Kong) 29.70s , Kenneth Chan (Hong Kong) 27.70s , Lin Kuo Ping  (Taiwan) 26.80s,  and Chang Chang Tai (Taiwan) 29.09s.

The new world record will be very difficult to beat, believe me !

1 comment:

  1. Hello Pierre,

    This is amazing! That flying site is sure a world record producer. However, it takes some technique to master it. Wind is strong, and it is side wind. The lift band is very narrow. If you can find the sweet spots to accelerate and avoid the head wind, sub 40 is easy to achieve. Otherwise, the model will be very slow.

    To get the best speed, the model needs to fly very close to the cliff. We have a lot of spectacular crashes in these 3 days!

    All the 4 pilots are the best of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Kenneth and Lin are the Champion of Hong Kong and Taiwan F3F league respectively. Ho went to Kenting a week before and practice everyday.

    Hope you can join us in the future! The next TR will be held by Korea. The flying site would probably be at "Huang Gang Shan". It is an inland slope and is totally different from Kenting, Taiwan.


    CM Cheng


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