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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MKS DS 6100 tested: Small but muscular !

Olivier Segouin (aeroglide.net) just sent me the test results of the MKS DS6100 with servormances, the benchmark test bed developped to test servos the same way and have comparable values.

Olivier already tested the prototype of the DS6100 few monthes ago and was amazed by the results. Of course we couldn't publish test results and had to wait the production version.

The production version is even better. This 10g class servos has a usable torque of 2.1kg !!!! Yes, you read well, more than 2kg of torque ... But this is not all: The DS6100 provides an excellent precision, without any compromise on the speed, so you can easily imagine how good is this little monster !

For what use ? Many application are possible. Given that you can buy as option a RDS adapter, this DS6100 will fit in HLG or a 2m sailplane and provide the power you need for the ailerons. But with such torque/speed/precision, it can also find its place into a F3X for the V-tail, and save lots of place in the fuselage.

Please note that this servos is designed to operate under 4.8 to 5V, so 4 Nicd/Nimh Cells. If you want to use more cells you will need a voltage regulator.

You can find the new DS6100 on the manufacturer website: http://www.mks-servo.com.tw/goods.php?goods_id=ds6100

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