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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Electro Rotmilan

Few days ago I received the Electro fuselage for my Rotmilan from RTGModel. The fuselage is basically similar to the F3F/B version with the following differences:

  • The nose is cut and the motor mount is installed at the right position/angle
  • A separated and removable moulded servo tray which will be located around the leading edge position and is screwed on the bottom of the fuselage. This is a very clever solution.
  • No command are provided or installed. Elevator control rod will be carbon tubes.

The fuselage came with a very nice carbon propeller and spinner at the exact size of the fuselage. The propeller is a 14x9.
Moulding quality of all the parts is again superb.

For the elevator servos, I have chosen to give a try with the new MKS DS6100, recently tested under Servormances and which gives outstanding results. Its ratios size/performance is ideal for such plane where space is limited but where you need still precision and torque.

For the motor, this is another story. I’m a newbie is this category so it took me several days to understand and select the right motor.

To decide, I had the following requirements:

  • Motor diameter less than 29mm. The fuselage of the Rotmilan is very thin
  • Propeller dimension is 14x9
  • Flying Weight should be around 2.5kg
  • Motor set must give about 250W/kg

I did some simulation with eCalc, mainly between Kontronik Kira 480 5.2:1 motors and finally choose the Kira 480-43 5.2:1 which should give the necessary power to climb.

I just hope I made the good choice. First flight will tell :)
I ordered the motor. Then I will select the ESC, to support between 80 to 100A.

Stay tuned !

1 comment:

  1. HUMMM Ma machine de rêve !!!
    Merci Mr Rondel de ce blog !!! et merci de nous faire rêver avec ces bijoux ;)
    Au plaisir de ce croiser a Laurac!


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