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Monday, January 2, 2012

E-Rotmilan build log

I started the assembly of the Electro Rotmilan. I also received the Kontronic Motor from RC-toy.de where it was still in stock. The motor is very nice and fit perfectly in the nose.
I notice that the inrunner has a kind of cooling fan in it, so I decided to drill some cooling slots. As the front of the fuselage is Kevlar, it was a bit painful to make them properly, but I succeeded finally by using some CA, then sand a bit.

Then I started the radio installation. I first drill the servo tray at the right dimension, that I doubled with 4mm ply wood. The size of the MKS DS6100 is just perfect for such application and fuselage dimensions. They are so tiny and powerfull at the same time. The elevator push rods are made from 4mm carbon tube ended by M2 Treaded aluminium couplers from MPJet.

The servos tray position in the fuslage make it a bit difficult to install and screw. Hopefully, onc the installation is done, you don't touch it anymore.
I don't know yet if I will use a separated receiver battery or not.
Regarding the radio layout, the receiver will be located just below the joiner. In front of the receiver will be the propulsion battery, then the controller/ESC.

I have not selected yet which ESC I will buy to go with the Kontronik. i need a 80/100 A ESC, and to be honest, I'm a bit afraid by the size of them. It's huge. Same for the battery as I need a 45C 3S battery of 2000mAh, but the constraint is that the thickness must not exceed 24 to 25 mm to enter in the fuselage.

I'm open to any advice on this topic !


  1. Bonjour Pierre,

    Petite erreur dans le nom des webshop.
    C'est: http://www.rc-toy.de/


  2. Bonjour,Les controleurs Castle Creations sont d'excellents produits et assez compacts,le Phoenix 120 devrait rentrer(Espritmodel ou site de Castle Creations).Pour les accus Turnigy Nanotec 2200 voire 1800-45/90C(Hobbyking).Bons vols

  3. Jean-Jacques,
    Je viens d'acheter un Castle ICE Lite 100A :)
    Merci pour les réferences sur les accus. Ce sera le prochain achat !

  4. Pierre,

    what is the size of the spinner?


    Kjell Sture.

  5. Hi Kjell,

    Spinner is 28mm, for a 14x9 propeller.


  6. Thank you Pierre,

    This will be perfect for my El-Furio... (Ascot fuse with Furio wings)


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