Friday, January 27, 2012

EasyStar 2 shooting session

Yesterday, at lunch break, before the bad weather comes back today, I organised a short shooting session, asking 2 workmates to join, and take care of the pictures while I was piloting. Shooting is a difficult exercice and need some practice. Vijay, the photographer used first his EOS 30D, then continued with my brave old 10D, equipped with the 70-300 ISM lens. I'm very happy with the result, as some of these pictures will be published in a paper magazine. Xavier, the othe workmate did some video, so I will prepare a video about the making of. We did 500+ pictures, and at the end, I selected about 50 of them (usual ratio) that I uploaded on picasa:

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  1. J'ai enfin compris comment comme prendre des photos "cadrées" en vol ...
    CHABOT Axel


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