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Monday, February 27, 2012

VTPR: Stiction 1.7

On his side, Eric Johnson continues to explore his interresting concept of PSP with the Stiction, wich differs from the Zeppelin just by a different fuselage profile. One thing Eric learned on the Stiction is that by using the New Stuff plastic laminating film on the wing and surfaces, he noticed that the energy retention is a better..

According to Eric, The original idea of a PSP glider is the fuselage being constructed like a profile electric ultralight power plane in that the fuselage is a very thin plank and all the gear mounted externally fully exposed to the elements. It makes the building easy and fun plus the advantage of building lightweight with good rigidity thanks to the wood.


Apart this, Eric is working on a VTPR contest format called V-Cup Challenge with the objective to attract more people to try and like this category, and of course have lots of fun, which remain the primary reason of VTPR.


  1. I buil my PSP using bit different concept.


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