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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New DS World record with 498 mph

This means 801 km/h, or mach 0.65 ! This is just crazy. This new record has been established by Spencer Lisenby with a Kinetic 100. The 500 mph barrier will be broken for sure ! Congratulation to Spencer for this new achievement.


  1. Hello,

    Sorry to disappoint you, but 800 km/h is not Mach 0.8. Soud speed at sea level is approx 340 m/S, i.e. 1224 km/h. So 800 km/h is Mach 0.65.
    Still, very impressive spedd achieved !!!


  2. spencer is the man, when i tell my old duffer friends here in montana about the speeds, some of them wont belive me even with the video

  3. Remember 498mph was groundspeed not airspeed. Max airspeed is estimated at 580mph. Also temperature was 20deg F. Put this into mach speed calc and you get m=0.79!

  4. Yes - search 498mph on Vimeo


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