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Thursday, April 12, 2012

MKS Servos Safety BEC (SBEC)

MKS is releasing an interesting device, called Safety BEC (SBEC), to be plugged on each MKS servos, and which provides a protection in the both directions:
  • First of all, it protect the servos, by providing a voltage regulation (5.0V), allowing from now to use 2S lipo battery.
  • It also protects the servos from current overloading
  •  It also indirectly protect the other servos and the receiver from voltage drops, because of high drain current that can happen if a control surface is blocked, or because of a defective servos.
There are 2 models of SBEC: One limited to 1.5A, and another one limited to 2A.

By distributing the BEC function to the servos, you also suppress the single point of failure. You can now use MKS servos with other servos that accept 2S battery. You can combine HV servos and non-HV MKS servos.

This device should be available soon through your MKS distributor/reseller. No idea about the price yet.

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