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Monday, June 18, 2012

Flying session at Col de Faïsses

On Saturday, I went to the Col de Faïsses because of the south wind. I flew my Pike Precision and also my Needle 100, both in F3F.

I also "maidened"my new XG11, the high end transmitter from JR Propo. Appart the programming that I will discuss later in a futur post, the XG11 is a superb radio that feels great in hands, despite its larger size compared to the XG8. The stick are smooth and precise and the balancing is perfect, providing an excellent grip. The extra large display is very comfortable to see all the settings of a particular menu in one glance. 

Then, I took the opportunity of having the Needle with me to walk to the DS spot located just under the Obiou summit. Obiou is the highest peak of the Dauphiné Prealps and the seventh most prominent summit of metropolitan France. This is a very impressive place to fly and very intimidating. But the scenary and landscape around is just awesome.

I had only one problem while flying, that is the precense of lots of flies around. In fact the place is a high mountain pasture during summer with its down side :( ...

I tried to stand a bit in the wind but they were very friendly as you will see on the video I did with the Go Pro. Anyway is this place looks very promising for DS with plenty of space and good potential, so I will return for sure. Regarding the Needle, I really appreciate its good manners in DS, super stable and forgiving, but still super fast, providing excellent acceleration. It can be placed where you want/need. This is exactly what I was looking for, considering I'm not a DS record breaker, but like DS in small to medium condition, what we hae 99% of the time in the Alps. The Needle 100 DSL is the perfect compromise between DS and F3F.

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