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Monday, June 11, 2012

New video of the Needle 100 DSL

Last saturday afternoon, I drove to le Col des Limouches to fly the Needle in good conditions and also try some DS. The needle confirmed to be a true racer, able to accumulate speed very easily and keep it for a while. No cross wind this time so I could enjoy both turns. I moved the CG a bit, around 85mm. At this location the Needle flies great. I flew some DS and discovered the beast within the Needle. Waht I really appreciated is the stability of the plane at high speed. Therefore it is much more confortable to fly faster. I really saw the difference compared to my ex D60.

Few words also about the SBEC. I use not less than 6 of them in the Needle. They worked great and flawlessly. For the engineer I am, I think this approach of having a BEC per servos, given that the receiver works fine with high voltage, is much secure than having a single BEC, so a single point of failure in front of the receiver.

I propose you the following video filmed Saturday. Thanks to Paul Derbier for holding the camcorder :

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