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Friday, July 6, 2012

RDH and Fu-Fix External Bearing Kits (Sloperacer)

I discovered the RDH system concept with the Rotmilan, which is designed especailly to use it in the sense the pushrod are made from carbon, at the exact length, ailerons and flaps include factory installed the removable axis to connect the control rod to. And of course the Rotmilan came with the very special servos arms, milled in aluminium.
All this is already a big improvement over standard linkages but what was missing is the possibility to ajust the length of the llinkage, and also be able to use it with standard clevises on the ailerons side.

Sloperacer improved the system by proposing RDH adapters made from brass to use the RDH arm with conventional pushrod, 2mm Stainless steel 303 grade pushrods of different length. Used in combination with standard M2 clevises and metal horns, it is now easy to install RDH easily everywhere.

On top of that Sloperacer proposes also to enhance the servos installation by mounting Fu-Fix External Bearing Kit, in order to maintain tightly the servo arm, reduces head wear and slop.

I have purchased complete kits to equip my 2 new Pikes Precision including:

- Fu-Fix External Bearing Kits
- RDH servos arms for MKS servos
- RDH adapter
- M2 Multiplex clevises
- metal control horns

I'm currently installing the wing servos in the first Pikes, and will do pictures that I will share with you. My constraint is that I want everything to be removable for maintenance/repair or replacement, and this on the field. I'm progressing slowly but. More to come !

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