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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

T9 Hobby Sport Magnetic switch

Magnetic switches become very popular in the F3X world because they are very convenient to use in slim fuselages and because they are finally safe as they are passing if faulty during operation.
After testing 3 other magnetic switches, I received this new one from T9 Hobby Sport for review. It is now installed in my Willow F3F and worked flawlessly until its installation.

This T9 hobby sport Hall effect magnetic switch is a nice piece of hardware, with double side board and lots of surface mounted components. It differs from the competiton by proposing 2 things:

1/ A battery charge lead: This is very convenient because now you dont need to unplug the switch when charging. You can really locate the switch in a unreachable place. The charge lead is directly connected to the battery wire so in theory, there is no limitation in term of current or delta peak détection.

2/ A temporisation when switching off: To switch on, just present the magnet over the circuit and the effect is immediate. To switch off, you need to let the magnet 3 seconds over the circuit to really switch off. I measured several operations and mine is more around 4 seconds. This protection prevents to power off inadvertently. But the downside is that you need to mark precisely the location of the switch if you don't want to become crazy, searching where it can be can.

A blue LED indicate brightly when the switch is in use.

Mine came with Futaba connectors so I needed to cut the keyway. The wire has a section of 0.5 mm2 which means that you can pass 5 to 7A without problem. This is more than enough for our use. IT can be used with 1 Lipo Cell, 4 or 5 NiMh, or 2s Lipo or Life batteries. As usual, the standby current is negligeable compare to our battery capacity, so you can let the switch connected (but off) for months.

  • Supply Voltage 3V -8.7V
  • Dropout voltage (Input vs output) 100mV @10.2A
  • Continuous Operating current - ~ 20A
  • Peak Output current - ~ 50A
  • Standby Current (Off State) - ~ 50μA
  • Operating temperature range -40°C 80°C
  • Dimensions: 27 x 11.5 x 6mm
  • Total cable length Approximatively 28 cm
  • Weight Including all cables ~ 9g 
  • Distributor: T9 Hobby Sport (UK)
I will prepare a short video in the coming days.

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