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Monday, September 3, 2012

Col du Glandon F3F

The 2012 edition of  Le col du Glandon F3F constest has been a bit challenging this year. When we arrived at the car park temperature was 2° celcius, and we spent saturday on the parking to wait for the sky to clear, but this never happened. We left around 4pm with 4° ...

Sunday, hopefully the sky cleared during the night and we arrived around 10am with already 11°, but also a superb scenery with the Mont Blanc summit in front of us.
Small problem is that the wind was east when the valley is north-east, the brezze was time to time jumping between valleys and was crossed on the slope.

We however managed 3 rounds with lots of interruptions, with 16 pilots. In this particular conditions, the slope didn't keep its words and was evetyhing but consistent with very short cycles, interruption, restart, 25 minutes interruption, then resume, etc ...

At this game some pilots were well served, and Thomas Faure did an hold up on the 3 rounds, winning by a very good margin as the second pilot is at 930 points only. Well done Thomas !

We ended with a drink at the car park before everybody returns home.

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