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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Testing a new F3F spot

Before the bad weather and snow come back, Saturday was a good window to drive to Gap (100km south to Grenoble).

Testing a new spot is always a mixing of excitation and stress. Will the slope be good and fast ? Will the landing area not too problematic ?

We (Joel and I) arrived around 1pm at the parking and met Arnaud who found this slope. After a 10 minutes easy walk we arrived on the crest, visited the area, and the landing zone. Then we start to fly on very variable conditions.

But smoothly the wind increased to read around 10m/s in the middle of the afternoon. The lift became consistent with no "holes".

I flew my Needle 100 DSL all the afternoon, and enjoyed it a lot, as it was very fast and was tracking very well. Later in the afternoon, Frederic joined us to  enjoy strong lift, while the sky was becoming darker, announcing rain and snow in the coming hours.

Today, there is 5cm of snow on the slope and it is still snowing :( !

What a cold and snowy winter !

1 comment:

  1. Si je pouvais je déménagerais au pieds des Alpes !!


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