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Friday, September 13, 2013

Pike Electro, ready for the second maiden flight

After changing the motor by the SlopeRacer motor (Modified Leopard 2860/2730Kv and 5:1 Reisenauer Micro Edition gear box with high torque pinion) and the ESG by a YGE 90 LV, my Pike is ready for maiden for tomorrow. Flying weight is 2kg581. I hope I will be able to film a bit. The propeller is a 17x11 instead of a shor 14x9 with the Kontronik motor I had. The YGE has a nice feature that allows to connect in parallel the BEC and an extra receiver batterie on the receiver, doing the perfect redundancy, at the condition the receiver battery if almost full before the flight to avoid to the YGE ESC to spend its time to recharge the receiver battery. No need of the optocoupler cable. 

Stay tuned !

1 comment:

  1. Sur mon Orca, j'ai mis un mega 25/16/1.5 avec un micro edition 5:1, une 17x9, un YGE 120LV et un accus TP G8 45C 1800mhA, ca marche d'enfer. Tu ne devrais pas avoir de soucis. Nicolas


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