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Thursday, September 26, 2013

New maiden of the Pike Electro

Sorry for not updating you earlier regarding the Pike Electro but I have been very busy last days. Let's come back to the second Maiden flight with the new combo made of a Sloperacer modified Leopard 2860/2730Kv and 5:1 Reisenauer Micro Edition gear box with high torque pinion, an YGE 90 LV controller, and a 17x11 propeller. The Leopard motor is initially an inrunner for boat (!). The motors are 4 pole designs, 12 slot rotors, hand wound with high quality double bearings and rated up to 1300w. With a 3s battery, it can deliver around 800w of power. To be safe, I did this flight at the slope. Everything went well except that I wrongly configured the motor switch command so I didn't have brake (shame on me !!!). This is at the slope that I did the following video. One week later has been the big day, as I was awaited to do some demo at the Icarus Cup all over the week-end. I did 7 demo flights, and I can tell that I was gaining confidence after each flight considering how well the combo was performing. I was able to do almost vertical climbing, could let the motor ON and do laps at very high speed and low altitude, do some aerobatics using sometimes the motor for vertical manoeuvers. Duration of each flight was around 4 minutes, and was consumming between 1 and 1.2 A from the 1.9A battery. For info, I used a rubber O-Ring on the propeller to ease the folding. It works great. In conclusion, I'm very satisfied by this combo, and I really recommend it to everyone who wants a slim motor to install in the nose of a F3B/F glider type.

Pike Precision Electro from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

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